Character Creation Tips

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Character Creation Tips

Post by Ash on Sun May 03, 2015 8:36 pm

                                                 By Ash

When creating a character, you should consider them like you would consider yourself. Everything that you would tell about yourself should go into creating a character. For example, if you have an issue with a certain food personally, then should should give your character a food that they have an issue with, like spinach. Or if you have a special talent for water skiing, then make your character have a special talent, too.

>> How to name a character: 
Fantasy Name Generators
Behind the Name
Seventh Sanctum

>> How to pick a species or race:
> Humanoid: Human, Spirited Human, HYBRID (any two races), Loupe, Catten, Elves, Witched & Warlocks, Faeries, Werewolves, and Vampires.
> Animal: Canines (wolves, coyotes, foxes, dogs, etc.), Felines (cats, lions, leopards, tigers, etc.), Equines (horses, etc.), and any other type of animal.
> Limited Characters: Nephilim (half-angel, half-human), Cambions (half-demon, half-human), Demons, Angels, Greater Demons, and Gods/Goddesses. These characters are limited and you must have permission from a MOD to have one. Usually, there is only 1-2 of these characters per user.
* Please ask to use a species or race that is not currently listed!!!

>> Gender:
Don't be afraid to try out non-binary genders! Fragmented Realities are diverse, and so should the gender identities of the characters who inhabit its realms.
List of Gender Identities

>> Choosing a character's birthday:
Birthdays can affect many aspects of a character's destiny. Fortunes, prophecies, visions, and pathways can be determined from just this set of at numbers, so it is important to choose this aspect of your character's profile wisely - or, you can choose at random, and let your character be guided by surprises that even you didn't predict.
> Astrology: Horoscopes are often used as a basis for characters' fate. Choosing a character's birthday affects their Sun Sign (although Astrology is much deeper than just this, we are sticking to this to reduce confusion) which follows a collection of values and personal traits of that individual. For example, Pisces are known for their timid, thoughtful nature, while Scorpios are known for their intense, complex nature.
Sites for reference: All About Astrology, Always AstrologyThe Horoscope Junkie

>> Why a character's sexual orientation is so important:
You can't just change a character's orientation. A character's sexual orientation is a very important stat to a character and determines the available partners and love interests for them. It also affects their fate, personality, and other possible RP-related stats.
List of Sexual Orientations

>> Useful tips to describe your character:
USE LINKS!!! Link to pictures that you believe perfectly describe your character's hair, eyes, weight/height, clothing, armor, weapons, etc. To give yourself and everyone else a visual idea of what your character looks like.
If you're an artist, it is perfectly fine to use your own artwork to draw your characters. DO NOT USE ARTWORK THAT IS NOT YOURS. THIS IS ART THEFT. 
> Include details: Jewelry, piercings, tattoos, scars, etc.

>> Character jobs, hobbies and pastimes:
A character's job, hobbies, and pastimes affect their personality and how others perceive them. They help speak for the character's history, intentions, and even affect their fates. It is encouraged that these should be updated regularly.
World's Longest List of Hobbies
Hipster Hobby Generator

>> How to develop fears and strengths:
Fears and strengths greatly influence fate, personality, and can explain a character's history, so developing them is extremely important. There is no limit to how many fears or strengths a character may have, and only makes their profiles more complex.
Phobia List
Top 100 Phobias
Wikipedia List of Phobias
List of Strengths
Job-Related Strengths and Weaknesses
List of Strengths and Virtues

>> Character spiritual beliefs and religions:
This doesn't have much to do with fate and destiny, surprisingly. This is mostly a detail to add to the character's history and personality. You may choose a random set of morals and values, or a religion that you believe fits the character.

>> How to develop character common quotes:
Think back to your character's interests when thinking about their quotes. Imagine in your mind the way the character speaks, and what type of humor they have. Come up with a couple phrases your character says often.

>> What does it mean to be a "quirky character"?
A "quirky" character has a lot of oddities in their personality that are outside society's view of normal.
50 Quirk Ideas

Your character's history is one of the most important details. A person's past defines who they are. It is important to keep this in mind while also simultaneously building up a character's personality as well (shown below). Consider it your character's story that stems back to their childhood. Highlight major events and decisions that define your character's personality.
Backstory Description Generator
Character Profile Generator
Lifepath Generator

This is one of the most important part to your character: giving them their soul, and defining who they are. It is important to be detailed and in-depth when describing a character's personality, and making them as realistic and complex as they deserve to be. 
> Reviewing the information above: All information described above is a part of your character, so base their personality strongly on those facts.
> Emotions: It is critical to describe the way your character reacts to the situation. What emotions do they often feel, and how are they triggered? Consider a character's history, and tie certain emotions, such as anxiety and depression, to past events, such as abuse or a death of someone close.
> History: A character's personality is often built up based on their past. It is important to tie personality in with history.
Sites for reference: Character Personality GeneratorRandom Character Traits

This is another biggie. Your character is a combination of two parent characters, whether alive or deceased, NPC or RP. It is important to describe the relationships your character has with others, because this impacts personality, history, and fate and prophecies heavily. 
Basic Family Relationship Generator
Random Relationship Generator
Relationship Chart and Guide
How To: Make a Relationship Chart

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