Mentor Pairing

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Mentor Pairing

Post by Ash on Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:33 pm

Mentor Pairing is for new members to sign up to be paired with a more experienced member as a mentor. The mentor should know how to navigate the site and provide guidance and help to the new member's interests. Anyone can sign up to become a mentor, and anyone can sign up for a mentor.

Mentors may have as many as three apprentices assigned to them at once, but no more than three. A mentor chooses how many apprentices they want at one time, and may retire or go on hiatus whenever they want. This is a strictly volunteer event, and does not pay (as of yet; this may change in the future) and will never pay real money. A mentor MUST be online every day, or close to every day, in order to keep up on their apprentices. If they can no longer mentor, contact a Moderator and your apprentices will be switched out and you will be placed in the Unavailable or Retired categories.

Apprentices are free to request a specific mentor if they are available.
All pairings are done privately, and this topic will be updated frequently.

How to sign up as an apprentice: Fill out the form and submit it below. You will be privately paired with a mentor that fits your information. Remember that you may request a mentor if you wish.

How to sign up as a mentor: Fill out the form and send it through PM to a Moderator. Your application will go through some processing and we will get back to you ASAP. As soon as you are accepted,  you will be open for apprentices.

Sign Up To Be A Mentor:
[b]Any Previous Username(s):[/b]
[b]How well do you know Forumotion?[/b]
[b]Do you want to mentor for forum mechanics, walk-throughs, or both?[/b]
[b]What age(s) are you hoping to mentor?[/b]
[b]How many slots (1-3) are you willing to open?[/b]
[b]Will you be willing to donate regular time to FR to keep up on your apprentice(s)?[/b]
[b]How long do you plan to continue mentoring?[/b]
[b]Anything else you would like to mention?[/b]

Sign Up For A Mentor:
[b]Are you looking for help with...[/b]
[] How to navigate the forum
[] How to begin your role as a member
[] Both
[] Other (specify)

[b]Would you like to request a mentor?[/b]
[b]Is there anything else you would like to mention?[/b]

Open Mentors:
currently none

Unavailable Mentors:

Retired Mentors:


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