RP Survival Guide + Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING)

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RP Survival Guide + Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Post by Ash on Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:57 pm

For Beginners and New Members:

✎ Begin by creating your first character here. In Fragmented Realities, the way you live out your characters is entirely up to you, so you may choose practically any species - even animal species. However, it is recommended that you take a peek at our list of main species here. DEMONIC AND ANGELIC SPECIES ARE SPECIAL AND ARE NOT OPEN TO USE AS CHARACTERS. You may customize your character with the character form to your wishes. Feel free to include any extras that you want.

✎ Post your completed form to this board and wait for it to be approved by a MOD. When a MOD approves your character, they will move it to the Character Library where you may then modify it and add onto it as you wish! TIP: It is suggested that you keep your character's history and bio updated so that you can record it, and in case others are interested in your character. You may find this helpful to you along the way, to reflect on past events and stay familiar with your character.

✎ Once your character is added to the Character Library, you can begin roleplaying. You can just jump in anywhere! The role play boards are labeled RP: The Universe.

✎ There is no limit on the amount of characters you may have, however, please try to keep track of them all and only create as many characters as you can handle. If you have a character that you can no longer care for, you can surrender the character to the Character Adoption Board for another user to adopt and use, or retire them.

RP Rules and Guidelines:

▸ In-Character (IC) and Out-Of-Character (OOC): Be sure to specify if you are IC or OOC. This can simply be done by putting parentheses () around anything that you say that is OOC.

▸ Amount of Writing Per Turn: It is required to role play by writing at least three sentences. Please do not be lazy with your posts. Users who post below the minimum will be warned. There is no maximum amount, so write as much as your heart desires. The more you write, the more chance you have of being rewarded points.

▸ Godmodding/Powerplaying: NOT PERMITTED. This is the act of making your character ultra powerful without permission or cheating by making your character immortal or indestructible - basically, making them god-like. It also includes killing other users' characters without permission or controlling another user's character without permission.

▸ On Romance and Sex: When publicly role playing, please do not go into detail when describing sex and/or mating scenes. Any NSFW content will be removed or deleted, and the user who committed the offense will be dealt with.

▸ On Violence:


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