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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Post by Ash on Sun Apr 26, 2015 7:39 pm

As a member of Fragmented Realities, you have agreed to abide by the rules we establish here. If you have a question, please direct yourself to the Support Center and be sure to read the FAQs before creating a post about your issue.
-OR- Contact an Administrator or Moderator. Here is an up-to-date list of the Administration.
Please note that these rules apply everywhere on this Forum.

Age: This forum is recommended for teens 15+. Some content on this forum may not be suitable for those who are underage. The minimum age required for this forum is 13. Any user who is found to be younger than 13 will be banned until they have come of age.

Starting rumors
Creating drama
False advertising
Inappropriate slang
Triggers (such as rape, self harm, talk of suicide... etc)
Prejudice and discrimination (such as against homosexuality, religion, politics, race, gender identity, etc.)
Explicit links
Public discussion of bans
Promotion of illegal activities
False advertising
Irritating, annoying or tormenting members
Sexual harassment or sexual innuendos
Harassing administrators
False accusations

Accounts: You may only own one account on Fragmented Realities. If you are found to having two accounts, you will be subject to ban. This is to prevent any types of cheating and spam.

Anti-Spam Policy:
Posting spam of any type will subject yourself to being banned from Fragmented Realities.
Types of spam include, but is not limited to:
A. Posting multiple topics containing similar or the exact same content.
B. Creating a new topic for something that has already been posted.
C. Polls that have no relevance.
D. Posting indecipherable or unneeded messages on another user's topic
E. Creating threads that are in indecipherable or unneeded.
F. "Keep me off the forum" topics.

The Golden Rule: Treat others how you want to be treated: with respect and kindness.

Swearing: All swearing is allowed on Fragmented Realities, with the exception of name-calling. (Please see the "NO" section above.)

Bumping Topics: To "bump" a topic is to post with the intention of raising it to the top of the board. You may do this only once every 24 hours.

Signature Rule: Please keep your signature down to a realistic size. Super huge signatures will be removed.

As of 4-26-15


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